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Sound Journeys Worksop with Gift Options

Sound Journeys Worksop with Gift Options

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Michael Murphy Burke is a Poet and a Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist who has created a "Sound Journey Workshop" as a serene gathering to relax, release, and renew.  A time to allow the body to come into alignment with homeodynamic vibrations that caress and enhance the innate sacred geometry within us all.  The subtle act of being, rather than doing, releases the feel-good chemicals that are already within us.  Participants ie back and listen to the combination of instrumental music, spoken word, and metaphysical sounds. 

Option 1

  • 60 minute meditation
  • Small speaker
  • Yoga mat

Option 2

  • 60 minute meditation
  • Yoga mat or speaker

Option 3

  • 60 minute meditation
  • Any combination of the below items:
    • Yoga Mat
    • Speaker
    • Singing bowls
    • Meditation cushion
    • Incense and holder
    • Eye mask
    • Diffuser and essential oils

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