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Doree O'Neal

Doree O’Neal started exploring the world of spirituality in her early 20’s and has marveled at the change and growth of her spiritual beliefs throughout the years.  As a Metaphysicist, her belief is that healing begins on a spiritual level.  Her work focuses on self-care, finding your own spiritual path and learning what is keeping you from living a life filled with happiness and peace.  Doree is exclusively leading workshops at LifeLabs.  These workshops combine the relaxation of meditation, the magical aspects of metaphysics and the creativity of self-exploration as a guide to healing.  Doree holds a BS in Psychology, a Masters in Business Administration and is working toward a PhD in Metaphysical Science. She is currently working on her first book focused on finding happiness through learning simple truths and letting go of core beliefs that are holding you back. Her passion is helping other people realize that their answer for happiness is within themselves.