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My Story

Hey there!  I'm Nancy (Rabern) Cramer, the Founder of Life Labs.

I’ve always been a connector - I love connecting people! A sense of connection has been a theme in my life and my career as a Recruiter for the Advertising and Marketing industry.

Life Labs started with a question that I heard while sitting in a church service at Northpoint Community Church.  My pastor, Andy Stanley, asked the question, “What breaks your heart?” I was overwhelmed by the thought “It breaks my heart when someone feels isolated.”  We all have problems, but when we connect with others we realize we are never alone. 

That realization sparked my inspiration for Life Labs: a Gathering Space for Creativity and Connection.  

I have always believed in the power of community. The power that we can draw from those around us. The power in connecting with others. The power in forming that connection through creativity within the community you find with friends, new or life-long.

I have been lucky to find a community for myself and my family. I raised my two sons, Joshua, who is 22 and graduated from UGA (Go Dawgs!) and Tate, my forever baby, is 18.  I’m incredibly proud of the men they have become. My own creative passions have fueled my desire to create Life Labs; I taught myself how to crochet, make jewelry, cards, and my current creative obsession/outlet is the Cricut machine. I firmly believe that connection inspires creativity, and my hope is that Life Labs inspires both for you.